Pagoda tents

Pagoda tents

Pagoda tents

Pagoda tents

Pagoda is applicable to all types of events.
With its characteristic appearance and high-grade material, it is very impressive and guarantees the quality of your event. Installed alone or in combination it provides an attractive vision for different uses.

Its functionality allows quick installation and dismantling, combined with 100% safety.

You may rely upon it.

The Universal Tent



3/3m - 9m2
5/5m - 25m2

Pagoda tent can be used as a bar, a booth for promotion or sale, kitchen, back office, dressing room.


Pagoda can be installed, both as a standalone or and in combination with other types of tents.

Flooring construction

A luxury flooring can be installed to provide an attractive, stable and dry surface.

It also strengthens the tent, ensuring 100% safety in all weather conditions.

Strengthening by



PAGODA TENT type 5x5

Individual area       -      25m2
Side lenght           -      5,00m
Entrance Height    -      2,20m
Higest point          -      4,70m


  1. See Pagoda type 3x3/230 specification
  2. Download Pagoda type 3x3/230 specification
  3. See Pagoda type 5x5/230 specification
  4. Download Pagoda type 5x5/230 specification

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